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World-class research-led learning experience attracts the very best students from around the world who enjoy unrivalled learning opportunities, supported by strong partnerships with NHS Trusts, industry and healthcare organisation.

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team based in Abu Dhabi is a group of senior clinicians with significant expertise in delivering high quality assessments, treatment and care to people across the age ranges.

Chloë Volz
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Chloe Volzstudied studied for her B.A.(Hons) Psychology degree at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Dr Sue Goode
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sue Goode is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field of mental health having worked in both research and clinical practice. She is chartered by the British Psychological Society and licensed to practice by both the UK Health Professionals Council and HAAD. 

Dr. Goode holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Essex.

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Arwa Abdou Mohamed

Arwa Abdou Mohamed joined Maudsley Health in 2017 to support the development of the service.  She was educated in the UAE, majoring in psychology and counselling.   At Maudsley Health Arwa undertakes an administrative role in the service and is often the first point of contact for families/carers and patients.

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Our Team

Maudsley Health is part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (the Maudsley), an international leader in the field of research, education and translational medicine in mental health.

Located in London, the Maudsley has over 700 years’ worth of internationally renowned ground breaking experience in the delivery of the highest quality mental healthcare.

The Maudsley name has always been synonymous with clinical and academic excellence in mental health care and wellbeing.

Maudsley Health Abu Dhabi accepts referrals of children, young people and adults with emotional, mental health and/or developmental difficulties

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