Mindfulness for Life

Mindfulness for Life

The Program  

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with Dr. Arlene Cooke, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and trained mindfulness teacher.

The Mindfulness for Life program is a skills-based course for any and every one interested in learning how to manage stressful or challenging situations in life, cultivating qualities such as compassion and equanimity, and choosing to direct their attention mindfully so as to savour life, generate a sense of growth, and to flourish.

Through specific mindfulness practices and cognitive-behavioural techniques taught in each session, this program guides participants in applying skills of mindful awareness and acceptance in everyday life. It offers a different approach to life and life’s challenges, including recurring patterns of thought and behaviour that create suffering, so as to respond mindfully rather than simply reacting.

Mindfulness for Life is an in-depth program intended to cultivate lasting and sustainable personal change. It helps us learn how to recognize when we are on automatic pilot and to practice stepping out of it by bringing mindfulness to our everyday present-moment experience. With greater awareness, mindfulness helps us learn to recognize our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and impulses, to gather the scattered mind and return with appreciation to the here and now.


The Benefits

Research shows that mindfulness courses like this one have many benefits, with more being identified all the time! Benefits include:

  • Reduced feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved ability to cope with pain and illness
  • Less worrying and obsessing over things
  • Increased focus and reduced mind wandering
  • Greater sense of appreciation for what is pleasant and enjoyable in life, even the littlest things
  • Feeling clearer about what is truly meaningful, and living life with a stronger sense of purpose
  • Increased sense of wellbeing and quality of life overall, even during times of stress or difficulty

Published research tells us that changes like these are very common and make the challenges of participating worthwhile.

Other Opportunities to Learn:

  •  Daily mindfulness meditation practice using both formal and informal exercises. You will be provided with recordings for the main practices and asked to practice up to an hour each.
  •  Full Practice Day – this mindfulness ‘retreat’ day (5 hours; also online) offers an extended period of practice, much of which is spent in silence. A chance to step aside from the usual chatter and noise in your everyday life. At the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and ask questions.


8-Week Course Details:

Dates:  14th February to 3rd April, 2024

Time:  Wednesdays, 4 pm – 6:15 pm (time change during Ramadan from 2-4:15 pm)

Location:  Online via Microsoft Teams

Full Practice Day: Saturday, 23rd March 2024

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Phone: +971 2 610 7777 
Email: arlene.cooke@maudsleyhealth.com

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