Adrian Campos Chacon on Balancing Mental Well-being & Physical Health.

Adrian Campos Chacon discuses the essential components of wellness: mental 
well-being and physical health. 

Rima Zeid on Panic Attacks

Rima Zeid, Clinical Psychologist at Maudsley Health, provides valuable insights in 
this interview about panic attacks. Learn how physical reactions can act as signals 
for underlying issues, and how addressing them can lead to personal growth. 

Dr. Ahmed Hanafy on Abandonment Issues

Join Dr. Ahmed Hanafy, Senior Clinical Psychologist for Adults at Maudsley 
Health, in a discussion about the complexities of abandonment within 
relationships, highlighting the enduring anxiety and avoidance that can lead to 
destructive reactions, potentially putting these meaningful relationships at risk. 

Dr. Tarek Qassem on Alzheimer’s

In an interview with Dr. Tariq Qassem, he discusses Alzheimer’s disease and how to be 
protected against it. Dr. Tariq talks about the symptoms and the impact Alzheimer’s may 
have on brain health. He also emphasizes the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and 
regulating diseases such as diabetes, in addition to the significance of exercising regularly 
and maintaining social relationships to enhance memory. 

Dr. Reem Mudawi and Katie Laing Discuss School Refusal

25th – 29th September 2023 is ‘School Avoidance Awareness Week’. ‘School refusal’ can be a very 
challenging issue for some children and young people, their families, and education and health care 
professionals involved. We recognise most children will have occasional times when attending school 
feels difficult, but what happens if this experience is persistent? What can cause this and what can 
parents do to help if their child is struggling to engage with school? In this short video, Dr Reem 
Mudawi and Katie Laing, expert Child and Adolescent mental health clinicians, discuss the signs of 
Emotionally Based School Refusal (EBSR), and consider the reasons it may occur. They offer practical 
tips and advice on how to support children during these very important school age years, to encourage 
a positive educational experience, and ensure they are given the best opportunity to achieve their full 

How to Age Gracefully?

Dr. Tareq Qassem, Consultant Psychiatrist at Maudsley Health, shares invaluable insights on nurturing a vibrant mind and body at any age. Emphasizing the Alzheimer’s Day slogan “Never too early, never too late,” learn how simple lifestyle changes can foster a healthier, happier you.

Mary Barret, Educational Psychologist, offers back-to-school tips for a positive experience.

The start of a new school year can evoke mixed emotions for parents and children. In this video Mary Barret, Educational Psychologist at Maudsley Health, Abu Dhabi shares advice on strategies families can adopt to help manage common challenges, and facilitate a positive back to school experience.

The importance of men's mental health

How important is it that men share their emotions and concerns? Dr. Ahmed Hanafy, Senior Clinical Psychologist for Adults at Maudsley Health explains the impact that suppressing your feelings can have and offers essential tips for maintaining robust psychological well-being.

How can we break the silence surrounding men's emotional struggles?

Join Rima Zeid, Clinical Psychologist at Maudsley Health, as she shares insights on breaking the silence surrounding men’s emotional struggles. Discover how seeking help and embracing emotions can lead to transformative change and improved mental well-being

Dr. Ahmed Hanafy, Senior Clinical Psychologist

How important is it that men share their emotions and concerns? Dr. Ahmed Hanafy, Senior  Clinical Psychologist for Adults at Maudsley Health explains the impact that suppressing your  feelings can have and offers essential tips for maintaining robust psychological well-being. 

World Teen Mental Wellness Day

On the occasion of World Teen Mental Wellness Day; Dr. Ashley Gibson, Senior Clinical Psychologist at Maudsley Health, provides a detailed explanation of depression in children and young people, discussing its symptoms and different treatment plans.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

In line with Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Dr. Ola Ahmed Dr. Mary Claxton shed light on neurological diversity among children and youth in this video, coinciding with the week dedicated to celebrating and increasing awareness about it. They emphasize the significance of promoting awareness about the various neurological conditions and abilities, and the crucial need for acceptance.

Mental Health Awareness Month

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month, watch this invaluable video featuring Dr. Jemma Anderson, an esteemed Educational Psychologist at Maudsley Health. Dr. Anderson discusses the topic of exam stress, providing essential insights on how to conquer it and equip students with the necessary tools for achieving success in their school exams.

Within this video, you will discover a wealth of valuable tips and practical advice, designed to empower students in managing exam stress through healthy and effective strategies.