Bene Katabua

Bene Katabua

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Review Psychologist

Bene holds a Masters in Educational Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand in
Johannesburg, South Africa. After successfully completing her studies in 2014, she started her
professional journey. She engaged in academic activities, lecturing part-time, whilst simultaneously
establishing her private practice. With a solid educational foundation, Bene blends her academic
knowledge with practical experience to contribute meaningfully to the field of Educational
Psychology. She is licenced by the Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi and the Health
Professional Council (HPCSA) of South Africa.
Bene has dedicated her career to enhancing the well-being of children and adolescents. Her
extensive clinical experience encompasses a spectrum of activities, from conducting assessments
exploring behavioural difficulties, intellectual difficulties, autism, giftedness, ADHD, and more, to
providing therapy tailored to the unique needs of young minds. Bene has expertise in facilitating
workshops to support parents and school staff, fostering an inclusive approach to mental health
within educational communities. Having honed her skills since 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Bene brings an
international perspective to her clinical and practical endeavors.
With an interest in the well-being of children, Bene places a distinct focus on collaboration with
parents and teachers. Through her expertise in assessments, she gains a comprehensive
understanding of the context in which children and adolescents operate. Her interventions extend to
play therapy for young children and individual talk therapy for older children and adolescents. She is
experienced in using approaches such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), solution focused
therapy, as well as psychodynamic approaches. These evidence-based interventions address a
variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, low mood, attachment difficulties and grief. Having
collaborated with schools, centers, and government entities in Abu Dhabi, Bene is committed to
making a meaningful impact on the mental health landscape, offering effective strategies for
support and intervention.

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