Artificial Intelligence: What effect can it have on our mental health and emotional wellbeing?

Dr. Madonna Yanni, Specialist Psychiatrist, Maudsley Health Dubai was speaking live on Alhurra TV this week.

In her recent appearance as an expert guest on the popular morning show she spoke about the growing trend of engagement in relationships with AI. Dr. Madonna discussed why people might embark on these relationships and, from an emotional viewpoint, what they might get from it. She explored the impact it could have on mental health and wellbeing for the individual, and the wider consequences for society, reflecting on both positive and negative outcomes from this use of technology. Dr. Madonna said: “I had a captivating conversation on Alhurra TV this week about the intriguing interplay between AI, in particular dating apps which some refer to as “the girlfriend,” and its influence on relationship quality, expectations, and mental well-being. Exploring the transformation of our emotional connections through technology was eye-opening. It’s incredible to witness how AI is reshaping our relationships and impacting our overall happiness.

Let’s continue the discussion about the evolving dynamics of human connections in the age of AI!