Priyanka Kapoor

Priyanka Kapoor

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Review Psychologist

Priyanka completed her M. Phil in Clinical Psychology from Gautam Buddha University in 2014.
She continued her professional development receiving a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology
from the same institution in 2016. Her academic journey began with Bachelors of Arts (Hons.)
degree in Applied Psychology from Vivekananda College, Delhi University. She holds a license to
practice as a clinical psychologist from the Department of Health (DOH) in Abu Dhabi and
Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
Priyanka has over seven years of experience specialising in psychiatric care. Priyanka has honed
her skills in assessing, diagnosing, and developing comprehensive care plans for individuals
dealing with emotional, behavioral, and psychological disorders. She works collaboratively
within a multidisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive patient care.
Priyanka utilises an integrative clinical method that customises treatment to meet the unique
needs of each patient. Her approach combines elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
and Solution Focused Therapy. She has excellent experience treating Anxiety and Depression.
Priyanka focuses on helping her patients develop more effective coping mechanisms, fostering
resilience, and gaining a deeper understanding of their current cognitive and behavioral
challenges. This comprehensive approach aims to assist individuals in identifying and achieving
their goals, addressing both the symptoms and underlying factors contributing to their mental
health concerns.
Priyanka is passionate about mental health education and combating stigma. She has actively
engaged in conducting awareness programs, workshops, and lectures on various mental health
topics. Priyanka has been invited by prestigious institutions like PG School IARI with PUSA
Institute and News18 to share her insights on critical topics such as “Mental Health Issues” and
“Studies and Homework Related Anxiety among Children”. During the challenging time of the
COVID-19 pandemic, Priyanka conducted more than 34 mental wellness programs, benefiting
over 3300 individuals. Her expertise has been sought by various media outlets, including
Hindustan Newspaper, Live Mint, and news channels such as Dilli AajTak and Total TV, where she
shared her professional opinion on the impact of digital technologies, gaming, and the side
effects of lockdown on children.
Priyanka has also supported bachelor’s and master’s level psychology student development by
offering training during clinical internships.

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